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‘Backdraft’ sequel set to begin filming

The sequel is tentatively titled “Backdraft II” and is set to begin filming in Romania and Toronto next month

By FireRescue1 Staff

LOS ANGELES — Reports say that Universal Pictures is set to begin filming a sequel to the popular film “Backdraft” and recently settled on a director.

MovieWeb reported that the sequel to the 1991 film starring Kurt Russell is tentatively titled “Backdraft II” and director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego is set to direct the movie. William Baldwin, who played Brian McCaffrey in the first film, is set to reprise his role.

Rumors have said that Universal Pictures will stay true to the original film with returning characters and references, and the story is said to be centered on Stephen “Bull” McCaffrey’s grown son, Sean, who is a Chicago Fire Department investigator with a grudge against Brian.

The antagonists are said to be a group of agents who are setting fires to distract from their mission to smuggle a missile out of the U.S.

Universal Pictures is reported to begin filming next month in Romania and Toronto.