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Quiz: How much do you know about firefighters on film and TV?

Are you a casual fan or a firefighter film expert? Test your knowledge with this quiz on firefighters who became actors


Photo/Los Angeles County Fire Department Twitter

From the classic Emergency! to modern shows like 9-1-1, Rescue Me and Chicago Fire, firefighters have been a hit on TV and in movies for decades. Most firefighters you see on screen are played by actors with no firefighting experience, which is understandable as juggling a firefighting career and an acting career is no simple task. But the firefighters featured in this quiz did just that, or picked up acting after retiring from the fire service.

How much do you know about real firefighters on film and TV? If you want to brush up on your knowledge, check out our article on 6 firefighters turned actors before taking the quiz, or if you think you’re already an expert on the topic, take the quiz first for a challenge!