Retired Ohio firefighter publishes fire dept. history book

Retired East Liverpool Fire Department Assistant Chief Gary Cornell published “Hit ‘Em Out,” a collection of stories and information about the department since its formation in 1884

By FireRescue1 Staff

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio — A retired assistant fire chief published a book on the history of the fire department he was a member of that features stories dating back to the formation of the department.

The Review reported that retired East Liverpool Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Gary Cornell published “Hit ‘Em Out,” a collection of stories and information about the department and a comprehensive history that dates back to the department’s formation in 1884.

“I started back in, probably 1983, just doing some research in the old fire department records,” Chief Cornell said. “It was a way to put in some time, and because of my love of history. I would find various items, whether they purchased a truck or a situation where this fire occurred or whatever, and I started writing them down because they kind of were lost memories for the department. People didn’t know.”

The book discusses how the fire department used horse-drawn tankers to battle blazes when it was first formed, as well as how firefighters were trained back then. It details the department’s evolution from that time with stories, photos and a list of every firefighter who has served.

“I had listed every man who had served in a full-time capacity from 1885,” Chief Cornell said. “The first guy was hired to take care of the horses when they first got horses, and from that until the present time, every guy who has ever served is listed in book."

Chief Cornell hopes the book will be enjoyable to both firefighters and civilians alike.

“It was written first and foremost for people who were interested in the fire department and fire service, but I think there’s enough in there that the casual reader of local history would find interesting.”


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Posted by East Liverpool Fire Firefighters Local 24 on Thursday, March 29, 2018


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