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The Command Post Podcast: What brings you to FRI 2014?

Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie broadcast live from FRI 2014, including attendees in the discussion to find out what they hope to get from the convention


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Broadcasting live from Fire-Rescue International 2014, hosts Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie kick off this week’s podcast by interviewing a number of attendees to see what they’re looking to get from the convention.

They also discuss what it takes to improve morale, including focusing on the feedback loop in getting helpful critique from the ground level up to the chief.

“It’s real easy to go up to your boss and say, ‘this sucks,’” Chief Wylie said. “OK. Can you expand on that? Can you be less specific? Instead, come to him and say, ‘this sucks because... And here’s my solution to fix it.’

“If you don’t come without that solution, that tells me that you haven’t really thought it through. You haven’t invested any time in it, so why should I invest any time in it?”

The duo also discuss premeditated responder attacks and scene safety, highlighting the panel where he’ll talk more in-depth about preparing yourself for a potential attack that could come at any time.

“The overall message ... in general is attitude,” Chief Wylie said. “Is to have that attitude that there are bad people out there that are willing and able to hurt you. And if you don’t have that attitude, you’re going to get caught by surprise.”

Special thanks to this week’s guests: Chief Lyle Quan of LPQ Solutions (@lylequan); District Chief Alana Brown of Nashville Fire Department (@acbrown1); Captain Tony Russo of Houston Fire Department; and Dale Loberger of High Performance EMS (@hp_EMS).

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