Firefighters' generosity is never out of season

Easing families' burdens during the holiday season is just one example of how firefighters aid their communities

Almost by definition, firefighters are generous people who have devoted their lives to serving others.

As this story from California demonstrates, many firefighters' generosity extends beyond providing fire and emergency services to developing, and participating in, charitable endeavors throughout the year.

The generous nature of our brother and sister firefighters is especially conspicuous during the holiday season as fire departments, local unions, and other fire service organizations donate coats, toys, books, food, bikes, clothing, and other items to children and families who have fallen on hard times. The need for this type of generosity is particularly evident this year, while so many people are still struggling to recover from the Great Recession.

I'm always proud to be part of the fire and emergency services, but especially when I see our colleagues stepping up to help their communities in what some might consider "unexpected" ways. But we know better, because we know firefighters.

The needs are many, and so are the opportunities to help others.

Stay safe and happy holidays!

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