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FDIC 2023 playback: Reliving the chaos, appreciating the connections

Highlighting the best moments of the show, from memorable “hallway run-ins” to attention-getting exhibits and non-stop special events

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On this episode of the Better Every Shift podcast, Zam and Janelle recap FDIC 2023 and their attempts to meet all 52,000 attendees packed into the exhibit hall, educational sessions, Lucas Oil stadium and the bleachers outside for the hands-on demos.

The duo reveals their highs and lows, plus some memorable moments and takeaways:

  • Favorite “hallway run-ins”
  • New friend shoutouts
  • A missed opportunity at the Firefighter Challenge
  • Top attention-getting exhibitor booth
  • The “didn’t see that coming” moment
  • Aaron sacrificing his body in the name of video
  • 9/11 Memorial Stairclimb support
  • Lessons learned

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