Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation offers equipment, education grants

The quarterly grants offer fire departments a way to fund smaller projects and needs outside of the larger federal funding opportunities

As most of us start to suffer from Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) withdrawal, I am often asked the same question from departments.

“Where else can I find funding for some of my smaller projects? My department needs a new thermal imaging camera (TIC), portable radios or automated external defibrillators (AED).”

The answer to that question could be any number of solutions, depending on the type of project, where you are located and the amount of funding needed. Through foundation grants, state and federal funding programs or corporate grants, there are ways to finance those smaller department projects.

Generally, your organization must be located less than 60 miles from the nearest Firehouse Subs to be eligible for consideration.
Generally, your organization must be located less than 60 miles from the nearest Firehouse Subs to be eligible for consideration. (Photo/

One available source that has been funding projects since 2005 is the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation eligible organizations and projects

Fire departments, law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services, public safety organizations, non-profits and schools are eligible to apply for funding through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. Generally, your organization must be located less than 60 miles from the nearest Firehouse Subs to be eligible for consideration. However, Firehouse Subs has made exceptions to this guideline on certain occasions.

Projects eligible for funding from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation include:

  • Equipment, such as vehicle extrication tools, AEDs, bunker gear, TICs, automated chest compression systems, vehicle stabilization struts, bullet-proof vests, all-terrain vehicles, fire hoses.
  • Prevention education, such as fire extinguisher training systems, inflatable fire safety houses, prevention education materials, programming initiatives to focus on issues such as DUI education, carbon monoxide poisoning, CPR training and accessibility and other relevant safety issues.
  • Scholarships and continuing education efforts, such as partnering with schools on scholarship programs for individuals pursuing or advancing their career in the public safety sector.
  • Disaster relief efforts, such as feeding first responders and survivors and providing life-saving equipment to first responders to help them better prepare for any future disasters.

How to apply for a Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation grant

The Foundation application is entirely digital and can be accessed on their website. Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis and should be submitted along with a financial statement, vender quote and equipment inventory.

Your financials must include both revenue and expenses, and meet the requirements listed below. One of the following options must be submitted:

  • A recent – within one month – balance sheet, which consists of assets and liabilities.
  • A recent – within one month – profit and loss statement, also called an Income Statement.
  • A current year annual budget showing projected income and expenses.
  • A previous year audit or 990. If your organization is funded by a local government, you may only have a budget for your department. Please submit the local government’s audited financials, along with your specific department’s budget if this is the case. These are often available on your city’s website.

You will also need a current quote from a vendor for the items you are requesting. The estimate must be dated within six months of the application deadline. It should include:

  • Vendor sales representative name and contact information.
  • Name, physical address of your organization and a contact person.
  • Must contain only the item(s) pertaining to your grant request.
  • The total dollar amount and equipment quantities in the vendor quote must match the total that your department is requesting.
  • Include sales tax, if applicable.
  • Include an estimated freight charge, if applicable.

You will also need to provide an inventory of your apparatus and major equipment with the application.

Applications reviews are normally completed within six weeks of the deadline, and all applicants are notified of the foundation’s decision.

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