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Submit Your AFG Application Now: The FY 2013 Assistance To Firefighters Grants (AFG) Application Period Closes On Friday, December 6, 2013 at 5:00 P.M. EST

REMINDER: The Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) application period will close on Friday, December 6. Applications must be received no later than at 5 p.m. Eastern Time. No exceptions will be made for submissions after 5 pm Eastern Time so submit your application today.

Complete your application today at


* Applications cannot be edited once submitted*

  • Proofread your application: Mistakes or errors on your AFG application can disqualify your organization for grant award consideration.
  • If you included any “filler” or placeholder text while filling out your application, update the application fields with your final and complete answers
  • Do the sequences of your sentences and paragraphs present clear thoughts and ideas?
  • Does your narrative explain your organizations needs in a way that someone would easily understand?
  • Check your inventory amounts and costs for all items that you are requesting and confirm that there are no discrepancies between the Request Details Information section of the application and the Narrative.
  • Have all application fields, or questions, been answered?
  • Make sure that you have described your organizations needs in your voice, do not use boilerplate language or copy from vendors, manufacturers, etc.
  • Ask a colleague who is not involved with the actual writing of the grant to proofread your application.
  • Make sure that all facts and figures are accurate throughout the entire application.


Starting with the upcoming FY2013 AFG application period, a valid registration in the System for Award Management (SAM), formerly the Central Contractor Registry, or CCR, will be required in order to submit an AFG application. Federal law now requires that applicants to Federal grant programs have a valid registration within at the time of registration. Applicants will be asked to affirm that they have a current registration prior to submitting their application.

As part of the registration process, every eligible grantee must have their account validated through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and have their CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) code validated in order to be eligible for award. These validations are conducted as part of the registration process after the organization has submitted their registration. A valid registration is now also required for any payment or amendment request to an existing, open award. A valid registration is now also required for any payment or amendment request to an existing, open award. If your department has not yet registered within, you are encouraged to do. is administered through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Technical assistance may be obtained through the Federal Service Desk at 866-606-8220.

Please be advised that during peak activity periods, it may take more than 2 weeks to complete the registration process.

Help Desk
Help Desk Specialists can answer questions by telephone (toll-free at 1-866-274-0960) or by e-mail ( The Help Desk hours of operation during the application period are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time, but the hours may be extended based on volume and demand.

After you submit: Once your application` has been submitted successfully and received, you will receive a confirmation e-mail message in the “Mail Center” of the e-Grant system. Applicants should print and keep on file a copy of the submitted application and the confirmation e-mail.