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First Arriving partners with Locution Systems to provide best-in-class alerting to fire departments nationwide through its digital dashboards

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RICHMOND, Va. and GOLDEN, Colo. - First Arriving, a leader in technology for public safety and local government, and best-in-class Fire Station Alerting provider Locution Systems, Inc. have partnered to provide mission-critical alerting and information through First Arriving Digital Dashboards.

The partnership will provide users with real-time dispatch information from Locution along with dynamic information such as operational metrics, SOP updates, weather, traffic cams, and scheduling. There are more than 100 integrations and features available through First Arriving’s dashboards for large display screens, desktops and tablets.

“We know what we do best and want to partner with innovators in the industry to expand the depth of features we offer along with our alerting system -- our customers drove us to First Arriving,” said Jordan Darnall, Customer Operation Manager for Locution. “Our integration will provide the best alerting technology and information distribution combination in the industry.”

“The integrations that First Arriving brings together in one spot are all so instrumental in our day to day operations; but the integration with Locution has been one of the most beneficial,” said Daniel B. Tyk, RN, BS, NRP, Battalion Chief and PIO of North Shore (WI) Fire/Rescue. “It’s real-time and provides the same information on the screens as the Locution tone voice is coming out over the speakers in the halls of the station.”

Locution Systems offers the industry’s only complete human voice alerting, with over 99% understandability, prerecorded for dispatch audio. Locution Systems’ in-house talent supplies an unparalleled level of clarity and fluidity to automated dispatches which can be customized in multiple ways based on a department’s preferences.

“We are excited to partner with Locution to bring real-time alerting to our industry leading dashboards,” said Ross Hopkins, First Arriving’s Senior Product Director. “This provides a great value-add for Locution users which allows dispatch information to come through another source to better prepare first responders for calls for service. Additionally, agencies have the ability to show unit status on all of their dashboards to further enhance situational awareness.”

First Arriving’s Digital Dashboards provide full integration with a growing network of more than 100 leading third party technology platforms, features and service providers. From small volunteer fire departments to some of the nation’s largest public safety agencies and local governments, First Arriving’s dashboards service customers in more than 46 states and Canada. Learn more about First Arriving’s Digital Dashboards and other integrations at

About Locution Systems, Inc.

Locution Systems, Inc. offers the PrimeAlert Fire Station Alerting System for Fire & EMS departments across North America. PrimeAlert is a comprehensive & modular suite of fire station alerting offerings, including: Automated Voice Alerting; Fire Station Lighting Systems & Visual Alerting Devices; Zoned Alerting for multi-unit fire stations; Automated Mechanical Control of devices in and around fire stations (bay doors, gates, etc.) & Fire Station Sound Systems. Locution Systems’ PrimeAlert Fire Station Alerting System is serving and protecting 50 million people throughout North America. Proven ability to speed up response times and reduce stress for 911 dispatchers and first responders. The PrimeAlert Fire Station Alerting System interfaces with today’s Computer-Aided Dispatching systems. For more information visit

About First Arriving

First Arriving is a leading technology and marketing company specializing in fire, EMS, law enforcement, and local government. First Arriving provides innovative solutions, including digital dashboards and signage, websites, video production, and marketing services that transform and engage. First Arriving’s clients include renowned public safety brands, agencies of all sizes, associations, and nonprofits. First Arriving is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and serves clients across North America. For more information, visit