MedaPoint Releases Intelligent Eligibility

Single-click insurance verification software simplifies EMS billing process

AUSTIN, Texas – MedaPoint has released Intelligent Eligibility, a premium add-on feature enhancing the company’s core product offerings, AdvanceClaim and AdvanceDispatch. The Web-based solutions are designed to manage the complete patient cycle from dispatch to claims reimbursement. With the addition of IntelligentEligibility, the software offers front-end insurance eligibility tracking and verification.

According to John Dadey, CEO of MedaPoint, the total integration of all applications in one place on a Web-based platform creates tremendous value for users.

“IntelligentEligibility is advantageous to those who work in the time-sensitive EMS sector,” Dadey said. “Our software provides users with comprehensive patient records and greatly expedites the entire insurance verification process, opening up more time for patient-centric interests.”

Without exiting the AdvanceClaim or AdvanceDispatch application, and with the single click of a button, users are able to utilize IntelligentEligibility to search the most frequently billed payers in a patient’s zip code, finding and verifying the missing coverage information. Once insurance coverage has been verified, IntelligentEligibility auto-populates the patient’s record with the missing information so that the billing process may continue quickly.

“In addition to creating a significant time savings for users, IntelligentEligibility offers unprecedented visibility into payer data,” said Eric Becker, president and COO of MedaPoint. “It provides users with more complete patient records, and drastically reduces time spent reworking claims and following up on rejections.”

There are two versions of Intelligent Eligibility available: IntelligentEligibility Basic, which searches patient coverage on an individual basis, and IntelligentEligibility Pro, which runs automated batch searches for groups of patients.

Steve Higgins, executive vice president of Priority Patient Transport, Inc. said that the time and expenses saved by IntelligentEligibility can lead to increased efficiency and results throughout the EMS industry.

“IntelligentEligibility allows us to save time and expenses tracking down the appropriate insurance to bill for each claim, sending bills to inaccurate payer lists, and attempting to obtain information from patients and family members who are focused on the healing process. This savings leads to increasing efficiency and receiving payment more quickly.”

IntelligentEligibility allows its users round-the-clock access that comes with full data-center backup, HIPAA compliance/security and multi-level redundancy.

IntelligentEligibility is available for purchase now. To request a demo, contact

About MedaPoint

Founded in 2009 and based in Austin, Texas, MedaPoint is revolutionizing emergency medical services by delivering efficient, state-of-the-art billing and dispatch solutions which are both affordable and accessible. Built upon groundbreaking technology and dynamic vision, MedaPoint’s applications currently support more than 1,500 private and municipal emergency medical service providers throughout the United States.

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