Don't Shoo It Away-This Wasp Can Help Fight Wildfires

Wasp Manufacturing Ltd. Introduces the first ever, remotely controlled, unmanned fire suppression system.

Vancouver, British Columbia -- British Columbia fire chiefs and forestry personnel gathered in Peachland, British Columbia to check out a new tool to help battle wildfires. The Wildfire Automated Suppression and Protection System (WASP) is an automated wildfire protection system. It was designed by a firefighter with over 16 years experience fighting wildfires in both British Columbia and Alberta.

"I saw the need for help free up ground crews" says developer Darrell Pyke. "We can deploy it in the bush or anywhere there is an urban interface to protect homes and commercial structures. As long as it is hooked up to water, whether it's a lake or a fire hydrant, we can start it from any cell phone or lap top on the planet."

Mounted on a trailer, the completely self-contained unit provides a 25,000 watt diesel generator, powerful pumps and over 3,000 feet of line with 30 sprinkler heads. Enough to surround a major stadium like Toronto's Sky Dome with an 80 foot barrier of water. The Wasp can be towed to a location by most full sized pickup trucks, and be easily deployed by 2 operators within 45 minutes.

When firefighters are pulled out of an area for safety reasons, the Wasp can be left behind, where it can pump water continuously for up to 5 days without supervision. The Wasp can also be used to provide emergency lighting and power, and can move extremely large quantities of water great distances in flood situations.

"We estimate the market in North America alone to be over 5,000 units" says Randy Cowling, President.

The standard Wasp costs under $150,000. The company will sell or lease units worldwide to municipalities, companies and various levels of government.

For more information, visit or call 1-815-889-4697.

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