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New HAIX Store Opens Next Door To TEEX Training Center


On May 29th, HAIX® will open a new all HAIX® Boot Store in College Station, TX. Around the corner from the Texas Engineering Extension Service or TEEX, which offers continuing education training camps for fire fighters and police officers, HAIX® will offer a wide selection of its leather boots for fire fighters, EMS and law enforcement personnel.

Situated on the corner of Wellborn Road and South Parkway next to C & J Barbecue (a popular venue for those training at the academy), the new store will be managed by an active fire fighter. Customers will not only be able to buy high quality boots at the new store, but firemen will help their comrades to find the best matching boots.

But HAIX® stores are also known for their hospitality. So at the new HAIX® College Station boot store police officers and fire fighters alike will find a warm welcome, time for a chat with comrades as well as complimentary coffee,soft drinks, and refreshments. The new store will also include an exhibition of fire fighter’s equipment from all over the world.

The HAIX® boot store in College Station, TX is a subsidiary of the Lexington, KY based HAIX® North America Inc. which delivers high quality leather boots to the most famous fire fighter departments throughout the states and Canada as well as boots for several Special Forces and State Police Departments. HAIX® also is the proud provider of nearly all NATO-countries armies and US-allied armies. HAIX® boots for use in the army are worn for peace-keeping missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo as well as in Operation Enduring Freedom.

All HAIX® boots are designed and engineered by HAIX® own R&D staff and produced in three HAIX® owned plants in Germany and the East-European State of Croatia.

About HAIX:

HAIX® is a producer of functional and innovative footwear. Our high-tech products fulfill the highest requirements regarding function, quality and design. HAIX® is committed to providing the market with the best footwear for the fire services, rescue and law enforcement industries. HAIX® is quality from Germany.