First Twenty to Offer Thync Relax as Stress Reduction Solution for up to 2 Million Plus Firefighters and Police Officers

LOS GATOS, Calif. – Oct, 2016 – Thync today announced that it has partnered with The First Twenty, the nation’s only national program that supports the well-being of firefighters and police officers, to offer Thync Relax as the only wearable stress reduction solution for first responders.

The First Twenty is the first and only national program dedicated to the overall health of the nation’s first responders, focusing on performance, wellness, and survival. Firefighting and police work are occupations that produce unique physiological and psychological challenges that negatively affect first responders’ safety and quality of life. Through its work with more than two million first responders, The First Twenty saw that many were turning to chemicals to help them manage the stress of their jobs. David Wurtzel, the founder of The First Twenty, identified Thync as a solution that would help them relax and de-stress in a more healthy way.

“As a firefighter myself, I understand the daily challenges of going from ‘fight-or-flight’ mode several times during a 24-hour shift to attempting to turn that mode off when I come home to spend time with my family. Unfortunately, many first responders aren’t equipped with the tools they need to deal with this stress,” said David Wurtzel, founder of The First Twenty. “We needed another tool in our box to help these people de-stress, and once I tried Thync Relax, I knew it was the perfect solution to allow firefighters and police officers to flip a switch and relax within 10 to 15 minutes of ending their shift. That is powerful.”

Firefighters and police officers have long made lists for America’s most stressful jobs, and The First Twenty is dedicated to identifying the latest in health and technology to help first responders live better lives.

“We already have a serious stress epidemic occurring in our country, and first responders are often an overlooked high-stress group that are on the front lines day in and day out, without a way to truly relax,” said Isy Goldwasser, founder, and CEO of Thync. “Thync Relax makes it possible for firefighters and police officers to actively manage stress and we are proud to partner and bring our technology to The First Twenty.”

It’s estimated that stress is a $1 trillion health epidemic, making it more costly than cancer, smoking, diabetes and heart disease combined. Coping with stress is a costly issue, with alcohol and prescription drugs costing $270 billion each year.

About Thync:
Thync is the pioneer of the first consumer wearables to actively relieve stress using our body’s natural mechanisms. Through groundbreaking neuroscience, Thync’s mission is to lower stress in the world. Thync’s technology acts on stress pathways in the body directly without the side effects associated with drinks and pills. Thync is headquartered in Silicon Valley. More information is available at

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