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PBI Performance Products Grant Assistance Program Now Available for Personal Protective Equipment

Charlotte, NC - PBI Performance Products, the world’s only producer of inherently flame resistant and thermally stable polybenzimidazole fibers and Celazole polymers, is pleased to announce its participation to assist public safety departments with grant funding opportunities in personal protective equipment.

PBI Performance Products’ knowledgeable and resourceful team readily provides application support and technical guidance for a wide variety of demanding applications. In these tough economic times, dollars are scarce and many city and county budgets are being cut. The amount of grant dollars available for fire has remained strong, yet many departments are unfamiliar with the grant process and lack the knowledge or resources to successfully apply for grants.

DSFederal Inc. has joined the grant assistance program managed by to assist those interested in purchasing Personal Protective Equipment.

“Grants are a critical source of funding for departments across the country. The purpose of our program is to provide thorough information about available grants and the tools to create successful applications,” said Sarah Wilson, Director of the Grants Program. “We are proud to be able to assist with simplifying the grants process for first responders.”

Fire Departments interested in obtaining grant assistance can visit the website and fill out a grant assistance form via the links below:

About PBI Performance Products, Inc.
When it comes to selecting the best in personal protection and performance for career, volunteer and industrial firefighters, more departments specify fabrics containing American-made PBI Fibers. PBI fiber is the essential element in innovative fabrics including PBI Gold, PBI Max™ and Gemini™ XT turnout gear outer shells, as well as PBI TriGuard® and PBI BaseGuard® for nonstructural and station wear protective apparel. These high performance fabrics set the standards for first responders’ PPE—combining unmatched heat and flame protection with unsurpassed strength, durability and comfort.

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