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Rak Wear’s all new apparel line combines comfort with style for first responders

You’ve just completed another 24 hour shift for the fourth time this week and probably missed dinner with the family again. But it’s a job that you love! When you attend little Jimmy’s baseball game this Saturday you’ll wear something casual. Probably that shirt with the star that says you are a sheriff’s officer, since Jimmy is so very proud of the work that you do. You’re his biggest hero. That’s why we have chosen to honor you with our exclusively designed graphic tee shirts; tees that make more of a statement. We recognize that you, our hero in medical emergencies, firefighting, search and rescue, and law enforcement, deserve your own unique style of shirts. Something bolder than the clip art of that star, badge or that little ladder with the fireman’s hat that you’ve become used to seeing. Our designs tell a story without words.

Our graphic designs are an artistic interpretation of what you face each day and why you are considered heroes around the world. Like the adrenalin rush you feel at the first sign of danger, or when you see the wildfire shirt you ‘smell the smoke.’ Read our designs; there is a feeling, a sense of unity that only you can appreciate. We offer you our shirts with pride, but you already have that. So instead we offer you the ultimate in comfort and style.

You want comfort with style? Without a doubt! That’s why we’ve picked premium shirts with your comfort in mind. When you kick back in your easy chair with a cold one, after a hard day’s work, you deserve to pamper yourself. And that’s where we come in. We pledge to provide you with premium apparel, unique and stylish designs that are second to none.

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