Introducing Solar power for Fire/Rescue from Pacific Rescue

Great for fire camp, command vehicles, or field training - not to mention the environment. 

One thing that has became crystal clear is the benefit of having solar power for charging laptops, cell phones and batteries.  Brunton has a full line for every type of situation:

The Solaris 6 and the Solaris 12 foldable solar array are the most compact models in their line. CIGS technology maximizes performance while optimizing portability. The SolarPort 4.4 fits that bill nicely with a max output of 4.4 watts (265mA @ 12V position and 530mA @ 6V position) and a battery charger for rechargeable AA/AAA batteries.

Also available is the Solaris i6 Foldable iPod Charger - don't be without your tunes on the trail or at camp. Try the Solaris i6™ with direct connect iPod power cable.



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