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Newmar Announces Rugged 12 Volt, Emergency Vehicle Power-Timer Beach, CA April 25, 2008 – Newmar announces the release of the Power-Timer, model TMR-30. The rugged timer eliminates dead vehicle batteries caused by power drain from radios that operate while the engine is off by disconnecting the radio circuit while there is still adequate power for engine start. The disconnect timer interval can be programmed from 15 minutes to 15 hours from the time the engine is shut off, allowing the user to match radio use to battery capacity.

The timer is designed for survival where other charge protection devices fail in engine compartment applications due to high vibration, extreme temperatures, and power-washing. The TMR-30 features a rugged cast aluminum enclosure with epoxy encapsulated components and no screw terminals to vibrate loose.

NEWMAR is a Southern California based manufacturer of DC power components for the Emergency & Specialty Vehicles and Telecommunications industries.