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Preventing cancer-causing toxins in fire stations

Providing a safer work environment for first responders

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The Problem: Diesel Exhaust and Firefighter Health

Firefighters are everyday heroes, risking their lives to save others. However, an insidious threat lurks within their fire stations: cancer-causing toxins from diesel exhaust fumes. Diesel exhaust is a well-documented carcinogen and scientific evidence directly links exposure to an increased risk of lung cancer. In fact, since 2002, cancer has caused 66% of career firefighter deaths. This alarming statistic underscores the critical need for effective solutions to eliminate these dangerous toxins from fire stations.

The Solution: MagneGrip’s Exhaust Removal and Air Filtration Systems

Protecting firefighters from the harmful effects of diesel exhaust requires more than just “almost,” “nearly,” or “virtually” eliminating exposure. Complete removal of these toxins is essential. MagneGrip offers the most comprehensive protection available with its combination of the MagneGrip Exhaust Removal and AirHAWK Air Purification Systems, ensuring 100% elimination of cancer-causing toxins from fire stations.

MagneGrip’s Innovative Technology

The MagneGrip system is designed with firefighter safety and ease of use in mind. Key features of the MagneGrip PRO nozzle with patented Flex-Magnet Technology include:

  • Easy Attachment and Detachment: The Flex-Magnet attaches and detaches with a snap from a standing position, ensuring quick and easy use.
  • Guaranteed Auto-Disconnect: This feature eliminates the need for additional safety disconnects, providing seamless operation.
  • Compact Design: The smallest standard tailpipe adapter maximizes ground clearance and saves space around the apparatus.
  • 100% Seal: Ensures a true 100% seal from diesel exhaust fumes, offering the highest level of protection.

Why Choose MagneGrip?

MagneGrip, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, brings over 40 years of experience in the air cleaning industry. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, reflecting its commitment to quality and safety. Proudly owned and operated by Midwest Ohioans, all MagneGrip products are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Taking Action: Protecting Your Fire Station

To safeguard firefighters from the harmful effects of diesel exhaust, it’s crucial to implement effective exhaust removal and air filtration systems. MagneGrip offers a reliable solution that ensures the health and safety of your team. To learn more about how MagneGrip can help protect your fire station and the grant application process, visit or call 800-875-5440.

By addressing the threat of diesel exhaust with proven technology, fire stations can provide a safer working environment for the brave individuals who dedicate their lives to protecting others.