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AT&T, FirstNet invest in connectivity, tech upgrades ahead of Super Bowl

Crews added more than 2,000 wireless network antennas and additional improvements in and around State Farm Stadium and the Phoenix metro area

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The FirstNet Response Operations Group at AT&T is ready to keep first responders connected.

By Rachel Engel

PHOENIX — AT&T and FirstNet crews have invested in technology and network upgrades to ensure connectivity between first responders and other public safety entities ahead of the Super Bowl on Feb. 12.

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The FirstNet Response Operations Group at AT&T prepares for the Super Bowl.


Inside the stadium, FirstNet teams:

Outside the stadium, FirstNet teams:

  • Deployed 64 outdoor antennas
  • Added upgrades that include Band 14, 5G, 5G+ with C-Band and mmWave, and 4G LTE

To ensure connectivity, the FirstNet Response Operations Group -- led by a team of former first responders -- is on site and equipped with four COWs (Cell on Wheels) to support fan and first responder communications, four dedicated FirstNet SatCOLTs (Satellite Cell on Light Trucks) on “hot standby,” a Communications Vehicle (CV) and four Compact Rapid Deployables (CRDs), staged for extra redundancy.

“And just like public safety, we’re prepared for the unexpected, with assets at the ready to provide dedicated FirstNet connectivity – no matter the emergency,” said Fred Scalera, director of Government Program Management at FirstNet.