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Public Safety Innovation Webinar Series

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Agencies who have been limited have new options to address long-standing communications interoperability hurdles.


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Mission-critical communications and connectivity are foundational for the future of public safety. Evolving technologies such as LTE and 5G are key in adoption of new technologies and addressing new challenges. Agencies who have been limited by available technology, now have new options to address long-standing hurdles.

Cradlepoint in partnership with Axon, NetMotion and L3Harris are offering this three-part webinar series to help public safety agencies understand how technology is empowering transformation for public safety agencies day-to-day connectivity.

Each webinar addresses a different challenge, including security and IoT device connectivity, and provides insights into interoperable communications in general. All sessions will be recorded and then available on demand.

Webinars in this series:

5G and the connected vehicle

The arrival of 5G means public safety agencies can see and act on real-time information faster and more efficiently. Frontline responders are now connected in more ways than ever before, which has enormous benefits for safety and transparency. Learn how Axon is addressing the demand for connected vehicle technology that provides greater insight, access and visibility to first responders in the field.

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Winning combination of enhanced performance and security at the edge

The acceleration of mobile applications and the desire for greater oversight and visibility have elevated the public safety industry’s need for improved secure remote access in vehicles or in the field. Find out how NetMotion provides secure connectivity, enabling first responders to do their jobs efficiently and effectively while reducing cybersecurity risks.


Deploy advanced communications with Cradlepoint & L3Harris

Mission-critical communications networks and Wireless Wide Area Networks (WAN) are baseline public safety lifelines that together stream agile, precise and united field communications so first responders can make informed decisions and act quickly. Discover how integrations with L3Harris and 5G have increased communications interoperability for agencies and learn how you can level-up your organization’s connectivity.


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