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JPS Interoperability Solutions announces JPS VIA, a secure PTT over cellular functionality for its radio gateway users

RALEIGH, N.C. JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in communications interoperability, announces the integration of Enterprise Secure Chat (ESChat) with its ACU technology. The combined solution, named JPS VIA, delivers secure voice and data links between mobile devices and JPS gateways. Using the solution, system operators and the individual users of the gateways’ various communications systems can now also communicate via Smartphones and tablets.

JPS VIA is offered as a hosted service running on commercial 3G/LTE/WiFi networks. Customers simply purchase the service through JPS, download the application to their Smartphones from the JPS Android or Apple App Store, and are charged a monthly service fee per mobile device used. This solution is an inexpensive option for customers seeking to extend their radio communications capability with lower cost cellular devices, regardless of carrier.

ESChat has also recently added the proprietary JPS RoIP protocol into their platform to allow ESChat servers to communicate directly with new and existing JPS interoperability equipment. The addition of JPS’s RoIP will allow the many ESChat-enabled products currently offered to directly connect with JPS gateways and use JPS NXU radio interface units – both for new deployments or with the large installed base of JPS products.

“We’re very excited about offering this capability to our ACU customers,” said Roman Kaluta, JPS’ Director of Interoperability Solutions. “Providing integrated Push-to-Talk over cellular functionality lets our customers inexpensively increase the number of users able to communicate. This means increased situational awareness in times of need.”

Other benefits include the use of ancillary Smartphone talk groups to reduce traffic on vital radio channels during emergency incidents and the extension of communications into areas where radio coverage could be spotty, such as in a parking garage, or to supervisors traveling outside the coverage area.

“We are pleased to be partnered with JPS Interoperability Solutions,” said Josh Lober, President/CEO of ESChat. “JPS is the most successful and distinguished name in LMR interoperability. The reason is simple - they make superior products. Extending the JPS product line to include Push-to-Talk over cellular continues this trend and provides their existing and new customers access to reliable next generation technology. We look forward to continuing our work with JPS as they expand their product portfolio, which I’m confident will again raise the bar in the interoperability market.”

JPS will also be releasing new features that more tightly integrate JPS VIA with ACU gateways, bringing increased awareness and control to its users on both platforms.

About JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc.
JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells electronic hardware and software products that enhance the effectiveness of communications systems. The company’s mission is to extend communications capabilities through the use of advanced digital technology. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, the company’s present focus is on interoperability products, which facilitate communications between HF, VHF/UHF. 800 Trunked, and various other media such as cellular, land-line telephone and SATCOM.

About ESChat
ESChat is the leading solution for carrier independent secure Push to Talk (PTT) over LTE communications. SLA is celebrating its 25th year in the wireless communication industry, providing solutions for military, government, industrial and commercial applications. In addition to the ESChat products, ESChat technology is available for partner licensing and can be found in numerous other PTT solutions. More information can be found at