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JPS Interoperability Solutions launches next generation ACU gateway

RALEIGH, N.C. JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in communications interoperability, announces its new ACU-Z1 radio gateway. The next generation ACU-Z1 gateway maintains the modular nature of the company’s signature ACU product, but boasts a smaller form factor, requires less power, can interface more types of communications systems and is operable from any web browser.

The ACU-Z1 gateway hosts a highly scalable and adaptable audio engine that expands the size, type, and number of interoperability nets that can be created, while also allowing exchange of metadata between various communications formats.

Another key improvement is the increase in processing power and the advanced capabilities this enables for this initial release and for future updates.

“We wanted to make a major statement that research and development is a primary focus at JPS and will continue to be,” said Don Scott, president of JPS Interoperability Solutions. “At the same time, we continue to listen to the needs of our existing customers. This new product line embodies our motto ‘Where Tradition Meets Innovation.’”

“We held tight to what had been successful over the years, did a deep dive into current and future trends in public safety communications and asked our design team to consider the latest technological advancements,” said Roman Kaluta, Director of Interoperability Solutions for JPS. “Most exciting is the new platform’s capacity to add even more new features and capabilities. Stay tuned. Our roadmap is full and includes new products that will work with the ACU-Z1.”

About JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc.
JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells electronic hardware and software products that enhance the effectiveness of communications systems. The company’s mission is to extend communications capabilities through the use of advanced digital technology. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, the company’s present focus is on interoperability products, which facilitate communications between HF, VHF/UHF. 800 Trunked, and various other media such as cellular, land-line telephone and SATCOM.