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DEWITT, NY – IAM Technologies, LLC announced today that it has been issued a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on its innovative technology for reducing emergency response times by knowing immediately who is responding to emergency events.

The patented technology, known as “,” is a web-based system used by emergency responders to immediately inform their chiefs, team leaders, other members of their department or team, and dispatchers if, when and where they are responding to emergency incidents. Responding members simply dial a pre-assigned number on any phone, and their name, information and response status appear on any internet-enabled device. is used by thousands of fire departments, EMS agencies, specialty response teams, and other emergency response entities across North America.

Daniel Seidberg, President of IAM Technologies, explains, “our company pioneered this cutting edge responder call-in technology, and we are very pleased that the USPTO has recognized our innovation by issuing a patent covering the core technology of the responder call-in function of the system.”

“We recognized the communication gap that existed after the tones went off, and we created this system to simply and effectively close that gap,” says Bradley Pinsky, Vice-President of IAM Technologies. Mr. Pinsky, a Captain of the Manlius Fire Department who has served 23 years as an EMT and 12 years as a firefighter, further explains that “the system provides critical information to our fire department that enables us to significantly reduce response times and better coordinate our emergency responses.”

Fire, EMS and other first response providers have clearly recognized, and regularly report, that significantly reduces their emergency response times. The days of waiting to see if a full crew is responding to an emergency are gone. Departments and their dispatchers now know immediately if a full crew is en route to the station or scene, or if others are still needed. This saves critical time in responding to emergencies. Getting full crews out more quickly also makes for both a safer and more effective response, which is just as critical as the time being saved.

According to Mr. Seidberg, “IAM Technologies is aware that several knock-off products have reached the market since the launch of, and we have patiently awaited the granting of this patent. It is unfortunate that some departments and agencies were sold subscriptions to knock-off products by other companies which had been made aware of our pending patent application. We look forward to working with those departments and agencies to introduce them to the system, and we encourage them to contact us directly to learn more about our innovative and patented system.”

The many additional functions of include: text messaging of dispatch information; a scheduling system; a system for members to be able to notify their department of their in-town availability or unavailability; a mass messaging system; a calendaring system; automated certification date tracking; the tracking of the in and out-of-service status of vehicles; and a consolidated dispatch center system for dispatchers to be able to monitor the IamResponding systems of all of the entities within their dispatch territory.

With its web-based simplicity, no software is required to use Individual departments can be fully activated in less than 24 hours. offers completely free, no-obligation, 2-month trials.

Emergency Services Marketing Corp., Inc., also based in Dewitt, New York, holds an exclusive world-wide license to market and sell the system.