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Swissphone Presents Webinar: Why Private Digital Alerting Networks Make Sense

Webinar: Why Private Digital Alerting Networks Make Sense

For fire services and rescue organizations, the need to deliver critical alerts – messages that save time, money and most importantly, lives – is vital. In fact, it is so vital that it makes sense to create a private network, under the control of the organization to ensure delivery of these alerts.

Iowa County Did the Math
Iowa County with 319 responders was looking to replace their old analog tone-and-voice paging system. After thorough analysis of the available alternatives, they concluded: It is not only safer and more efficient to have a private digital alerting network, but also more economical:


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Time & Registration

October 9th, 2019, 4pm -5pm ET. Please click here to register!

What You’ll Learn:

  • The pitfalls of shared commercial networks
  • The requirements of mission-critical alerting & communication
  • Saving time, money and lives with private alerting networks
  • The Iowa County case study from a technical and economic perspective


Eric Hoover
Service Manager
RACOM Corporation
Doug Fellows
Sales Manager
Eastern Communications
Ray Tremblay
Head Application Engineering
Eastern Communications
Graeme Hull
Managing Director N.A.

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