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Unication Introduces the Next Generation of Voice Pagers

Arlington, TX - Unication is proud to announce the new G1 Voice Pager. It’s more than just a one-way pager, it’s the most rugged voice pager on the market. The G1 has the most signaling options of any Voice Pager. The G1 has both eco-friendly and standard alkaline batteries.

What is A New Generation Voice Paging SYETEM ?

In a traditional Voice Paging System, after the dispatch center sends out calling messages, not only does it not know whether the receiving end has received the messages clearly, but also it does not know the receiver’s response to the message content. It does not handle the situation where the receiver receives messages that are unclear or cannot be heard. When the receiver receives the messages clearly and wants to respond, it needs to search for tools to generate the response. And when replying, it adds overhead and confusion to the Dispatch Center operator. Unication believes that these issues need to be properly and reasonably addressed, and hence proposes the concept of a New Generation Voice Paging System.

What is Unication’s Solution of A New Generation Voice Paging System ?

Unication added to the traditional voice pagers the element of two-way communication and the setup of the external service system. Together, they achieve the functionalities of automatic identification and execution, in order to satisfy the following features:

  • Automatically request to resend message if the received message is not clear
  • Automatically resend a message
  • Automatically notify the Dispatch Center upon receiving a clear message
  • Reply to messages via manual one touch
  • Periodically notify the current location of pager user for dispatch convenience of the Dispatch Center (Note: The feature is only available on G3 model)
  • Display the emergency on-site map on the pager (Note: The feature is only available on G3 model)
  • Wild Frequency Band (Note: combination of two frequency bands among VHF, UHF, 700MHz and 800MHz. The feature is only available on G3 model)
  • Analog Protocol (two tone / five tone, CTCSS / CDCSS, MDC1200, MDC2400), Digital Protocol (DMR, P25), Dual mode available (Note: dynamic auto detect and decode. The feature is only available on G3 model) These are the requirements of the New Generation Voice Paging System

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