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North Carolina state government and 911 board supports funding for statewide CentralSquare Unify network

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8 agencies to collaborate in emergency response network for enhanced interoperability to improve public safety

LAKE MARY, Fla. — CentralSquare Technologies, an industry leader in public sector technology, announced today that North Carolina will expand its CentralSquare Unify™ network. Two Raleigh-area state agencies are existing CentralSquare and Unify users, with six other counties eagerly preparing to join the network this year.

The state is leading the charge in promoting a culture of seamless collaboration across counties by supporting interoperability connections and funding opportunities for eligible PSAPs through North Carolina’s State 911 Board.

“Unify empowers communities to stand stronger together in the face of any challenge,” said Dara Brenner, Chief Product Officer at CentralSquare Technologies. “By connecting agencies through real-time data sharing, North Carolina’s many agencies can act as one unit to deliver faster emergency response and more effective support for citizen safety regardless of borders or jurisdictions.”

The need for a cross-border solution to enhance mutual aid has become increasingly apparent. Too often, emergency response is siloed to the responding agencies within the jurisdiction of the incident when there may be a closer unit available just over border lines. With Unify, cross-border interconnectivity becomes more seamless, expediting emergency response procedures for incidents. The closest unit responds – regardless of the jurisdiction where the incident took place.

This interconnectivity has also been critical for responses needed during severe weather incidents, such as hurricanes in North Carolina. Through Unify, 911 PSAPs can connect to agencies in other regions across the state for backup when phone lines are down, while still maintaining records in CAD and dispatching the closest available units to the incident.

“With the unified CAD, we can share calls and data seamlessly for mutual aid requests between EMS and neighboring agencies, opening our interoperability to new levels. As a next step, we plan to migrate to the cloud for easier maintenance and Unify network growth,” said Doug Workman, Emergency Communications Center Manager, Town of Cary Police Department. “Our citizens are already receiving faster response times and faster patient care, meaning more lives are being saved.”

Through the implementation of Unify, agencies are experiencing a 50% decrease in phone call transfers to neighboring counterparts. This results in an average timesaving of 30 seconds to two minutes, significantly enhancing workflow efficiencies leading to faster responses. The statewide prioritization of interconnected public safety networks in North Carolina sets a standard for how government and industry can come together to fund and implement connected systems across the United States, ultimately enabling streamlined data sharing and collaboration to improve emergency response across jurisdictional borders.

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