Case Study: Fauquier County Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Management and ePro Scheduler

By eCore Software

Fauquier County Fire Rescue previously used Excel spreadsheets for scheduling and another online EMS scheduling system for basic timekeeping and incident tracking. As we grew, our schedule became more complicated and we needed to look for a new solution to handle the increasing needs of our organization. We needed a platform that could accommodate our growth and would continue to grow along with us moving forward.

When researching web based management software options, we looked for a product that would handle our scheduling needs for a minimum of 10 years. It was necessary to find a flexible system to manage our different schedules, shift rotations, and adjust as our department grows in the future. Lastly, it had to be cost effective for us to use. Our primary objectives to be met were affordability and the ease of use by the average user. We chose ePro Scheduler because it met all of our requirements.

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