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TeleStaff Introduces New Bidding Product to Public Safety Combined with the TeleStaff™ Enterprise Solution Offers Unprecedented Scheduling Management to PDSI’s Existing Customers and the Overall Public Safety Industry

Irvine, CA. – PDSI, the developers of TeleStaff, automated scheduling and notification software for Public Safety organizations, is pleased to announce the release of Auctions, the latest product addition to the TeleStaff Enterprise Solution. Building on its 13 plus years of experience in developing Public Safety workforce solutions, PDSI developed Auctions to automate the lengthy and complicated bidding processes required to fill shift assignments and allocate time-off which is common practice within Public Safety organizations.

In its debut, Auctions introduces several ground-breaking features to the industry. These features are designed to eliminate the overwhelming amount of manual effort and resources required by Public Safety organizations to accomplish bidding, and at the same time, help employees balance their work demands with personal life priorities. Bid administrators will be able to manage their auctions within an automated and centralized system where final bid awards will automatically display in TeleStaff. Additionally, employees will be empowered to directly bid on an auction item, i.e., a shift assignment or vacation time, and instantly see who won. Overall, Public Safety organizations that use Auctions will have greater bidding efficiency, less errors and increased employee satisfaction. Some of the key features and benefits of Auctions for both managers and employees include:

  • Seamless integration to TeleStaff
  • Reduced time spent on filling shift assignments and allocating time-off
  • Elimination of paper bidding Enforced fair and equitable scheduling through configured business and bidding rules
  • Centralized bidding administration
  • Targeted auction types to match the way organizations bid Greater flexibility and control over schedules for employees
  • Less paper forms and waiting periods for employees
  • Faster bidding and awarding – employees can view, choose and ‘instantly win’
  • Better tracking capabilities during bidding processes
  • Secure auction environment

Today’s Public Safety organizations are under increasing pressure to maintain full-power staffing, often with less resources and time while still having to balance employee time-off, schedule preferences, bargaining agreements, labor compliance and other organizational rules. The Auctions product is a direct result of PDSI understanding the needs of its clients, thus developing a powerful new workforce scheduling automation tool that will benefit the market tremendously. With Auctions, PDSI has created a new product category, Automated Bidding, and continues to set the standard for Public Safety workforce scheduling.

“We’ve been listening to our clients about what other types of scheduling problems they encounter within their organizations, and we kept hearing about the need to automate the time-consuming processes related to bidding,” said Greg Ekstrom, President of PDSI. “Turning the idea of Auctions into a real solution is a testament to PDSI’s technical ingenuity and our deep knowledge of Public Safety scheduling. We are very pleased to be able to offer our clients a solution that will make their work easier to complete.”

“Auctions is yet another powerful tool which will benefit our Public Safety customers. We know it is very difficult and time-consuming for them to conduct and manage bids in a manual environment. Auctions utilizes TeleStaff’s unique rules and list capabilities to help automate the bidding process saving clients time and effort. Both bid administrators and end users will take advantage of this new Automated Bidding capability,” said Tom Pearson, Director of Customer Services, PDSI.


Auctions is now available for purchase, and works in tandem with TeleStaff. For a limited time, and only for current customers, PDSI is offering special pre-release pricing. All inquiries about Auctions should be directed to PDSI sales at (800) 850-7374.

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Principal Decision Systems International – PDSI, is a software and services company headquartered in Irvine, California that is focused on developing workforce scheduling software for a diverse array of industries including public safety, government, healthcare and hospitality. PDSI designs, develops, markets, implements and supports scheduling software products that automate daily processes such as scheduling employees to shifts, events or appointments resulting in value-added solutions and offering increased productivity among human resources. TeleStaff™ provides Public Safety organizations a scheduling and notification solution capable of managing complex rules, work codes and shifts. Collection Management System™ (CMS) is a group of applications specifically designed for blood collection organizations. STAFFeasy™ is a web-based event staffing and notification solution designed to fill positions based on rules and notify personnel of work assignments. For more information about PDSI, please visit the company’s website at