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Third annual Hooley Awards finalists announced

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LAKEVILLE, Minn. — ImageTrend, Inc. announced the nine finalists for this year’s Hooley™ Awards. The winners will be announced at the company’s ImageTrend Connect 2017 conference on July 19, 2017. The Hooley Awards recognize innovators and thought leaders, honoring their involvement, creativity and passion in three categories: Innovation, Service and New Frontier.

“Great thinkers lead the way toward improvements in public health and safety, better data and a better tomorrow,” commented Mike McBrady, President and CEO of ImageTrend. “We hope to highlight their achievements and honor the work they do by presenting them with this award.”

Nominations from across the world were reviewed by a committee to narrow down a list of finalists. A panel of judges selected one award recipient in each category by secret ballot. The finalists for each category are listed below.

Innovation Award Finalists To recognize those who are serving in a new or innovative way to meet the needs of their organization, including developing programs or solutions to benefit providers, administrators, or the community.

  • Laurent Repass – Orange County EMS System, California
  • Michael Poynter – Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services (KBEMS)
  • Dr. Demetris Yannopolous – University of Minnesota Medical Center

Service Award Finalists Considers how data is being used to further the safety of their community or reach community goals, and acknowledges the fact that data is boundless and can be used in any number of ways for the benefit of society.

  • Chad Pore – Butler County EMS, Kansas
  • Dave Gulledge – State of Oregon Fire Marshal’s Office
  • Scott Radke – State of Minnesota

New Frontier Award Finalists To recognize those that are going above and beyond the call of duty, and breaking new ground or serving in a humanitarian way.

  • Ben Abes – Lee County EMS, Florida
  • Ben Gardiner – Gold Coast University Hospital, Queensland, Australia
  • Chip Cooper and Todd Donovan – New Hampshire Department of Health

The Hooley Awards dinner will showcase each finalist’s nomination prior to the announcement of the winners. Hooley Award nominations from previous years can be viewed on ImageTrend’s YouTube channel at

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