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ImageTrend customers describe reasons they chose ImageTrend and the impact it has had on their organization. Sergio: "ImageTrend has helped us really reflect on what we are doing, and we are now sharing information with the hospitals. We are getting feedback from the hospitals in a way that we never have before. It just makes for a happier work environment, and if I made the people that I work with a little bit happier by helping with this project and working as a team, with all these other people that help make it a success, then it's worthwhile." Chase: "We implemented billing two years ago, and while we use a third-party vendor at this time, the interface for our providers to enter the data has been monumental for us collecting back through our revenue recovery and for us as an agency, it's allowed us to grow and include, you know we use part of that budget to pay for paid firefighters, which in return allows the community to have a quicker response time, having people on scene, you know, sooner and, you know, people who are cross-trained both fire and EMS - and in addition not just to paying back for the paid firefighters, it allows us to buy things for our volunteer counterparts as well." Kevin: "When we first decided to go digital in Sandy, we looked at a lot of different software out there, and ImageTrend was the only software that we were able to incorporate everything that we do. It really was really unique and impressive that way and with Bluffdell, I'm kind of over all the software development and the medical program there, so I did the same thing there - looked at all the softwares, demoed them and by far ImageTrend was the best, most comprehensive software for everything we do, and the other side of that is you can customize it to your department. I really like that. With a lot of other softwares, you cannot customize it. You get what they give you." Matthew: "The fact that, especially in the rotor and fixed wing market, having a persistent internet connection isn't something that we normally have, it may be hours before we have our next internet connection, so a system that's web-based but will work without a persistent internet connection has been really helpful for us - and one that constantly saves so we don't lose our work."

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