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L.N. Curtis & sons Launches New Website

OAKLAND, CA -- L.N. Curtis & sons is very excited to announce the launch of the Online Ordering website: Many of our most popular products are displayed and available for purchase in either the firefighting or law enforcement stores. For over 80 years, L.N. Curtis & sons has provided in-the-field sales professionals and service technicians that visit the customers on their turf. The new e-commerce website is providing additional opportunities for our hero customers to have contact with our team of service-oriented professionals. L.N. Curtis & sons delivers Tools For Heroes® that include high quality products, prompt and professional service and no-hassle transactions.

L.N. Curtis & sons
The mission of providing safe, reliable and effective tools for the heroes that we rely on has not changed over the 80 plus years of the company. Through the dedicated service of generations of loyal employees (many who have served the company for multiple decades and through multiple generations of their family), the company continues as a major provider of the services and equipment that first responders rely on.