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HFSC will award $300 stipends to 30 U.S. fire departments for local home fire sprinkler education

The deadline to apply is March 1, 2021.

FRANKFORT, Ill. — The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) will award stipends to 30 qualifying fire departments that demonstrate a plan to conduct community outreach during home Fire Sprinkler Week 2021.

The stipends are being rolled out ahead of Home Fire Sprinkler Week, which will take place across North America May 16-22, 2021. Co-Sponsored by HFSC and the NFPA Fire Sprinkler Initiative, the week emphasizes the dangers of home fires to residents and firefighters and promotes the importance of building new homes with automatic fire sprinklers.

The stipends will help fire departments of any size or type conduct educational programs that may include:

  • Build a Home Fire Sprinkler 13D display. AGF Manufacturing is teaming with others in the industry to donate the riser pack for these displays. HFSC’s Display Guide provides all the information you need to build it. Use your smartphone to produce a website and social media video showing all the components and explain how a home fire sprinkler works.
  • Produce an educational banner or canopy tent with home fire sprinkler graphics and your logo and create a plan for how these will be used to educate about home fire sprinklers.
  • Purchase a monitor to play HFSC’s educational videos. Place the monitor where members of your community can safely view it.
  • Conduct a virtual Home Fire Sprinkler contest and offer fun prizes..

To qualify, applicants must be current members of the free Built for Life Fire Department Program (BFLFD), developed by HFSC in the 1990s to help the fire service improve local home fire sprinkler education. They will also be required to describe their plan to use and evaluate their awards. Join the BFLFD program and apply for a stipend here: 2021 HFSC Stipend Program. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2021.

Now in its fourth year, Home Fire Sprinkler Week has become popular with fire departments in the US and Canada and HFSC anticipates widespread participation again in 2021.

Learn more about Home Fire Sprinkler Week and follow HFSC activities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.