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Small but powerful: Pelican’s scene lighting solution

This small handheld unit can illuminate a distance of 450 yards


Photo Pelican

If you are in the process of specing out a new apparatus or just want to equip your firefighters with safer personal lighting at a fire scene or other emergency, it could be well worth taking a look at the Pelican 9410 LED Lantern.

The Pelican brand has been around for a long time with its heavy duty waterproof storage cases and flashlights. The new 9410 is a good example of a superior product that is using new LED technology. This new lantern has four LED lights with 700 lumens, weighs just 4 pounds and is powered by the latest generation of NiMH batteries.

This small handheld unit can illuminate a distance of 450 yards — pretty far for a seemingly small compact light. The handheld has a 120-degree rotating head and will run for 4.75 hours on low and 1.75 on high. It also features a three-mode switch ( high, low, and flashing).

The product can be mounted in a vehicle or can be used and charged from a 110-volt wall charger; or, if needed, a 12-volt plug-in on any vehicle.

The light comes in black or yellow so the choice is yours. There are many new flashlights on the market with LED lights, and this particular lantern puts out a great deal of light, illuminating a SAR scene or accident scene with ease, or for training purposes.

Lighting up the inside of a fire building for overhaul would be another good use for the Pelican 9410.

What folks really seem to like about this light is its rotatable head. You can place it just about anywhere and rotate the head 120 degrees to light up a certain area, or use multiple lights to cover an even larger area.

Pelican Products, Inc. is one of the market leaders in global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems. Visit their website for more details.