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Lentry Generator Lights now Available with Extra Tall Two-Headed XT Polelights

LENTRY® Generator Lights are now available with extra tall Two-Headed XT Polelights. Complete 2-headed LENTRY systems feature two articulated 650W hi-infrared lights on one telescopic pole. They provide 50,000 lumens of light (25,000 from each light head) at remote scenes for hours on very little gas.

Two-headed systems stand over 8.5 feet tall with legs and light fully extended. They include a Honda EU2000i super-quiet generator, all-terrain tripod like “legs,” a single light base, and the 2-headed polelight. The light base allows the polelight to be disconnected from the generator and legs for easy transport and storage. The 2-headed light can also serve as truck-mounted lighting if optional mounting bracketry is utilized. LENTRY components retrofit to existing Honda EU1000i and EU2000i generators.

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