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Whelen Engineering introduces new products at FDIC 2017

INDIANAPOLIS — Whelen Engineering introduced today several new products at the FDIC in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Whelen’s newest innovations are designed for optimal intensity and dependability, keeping emergency response professionals and the public safe at every scene. New optics and features have made some of the most popular products even more efficient and reliable.

Helios™ Optic: Helios Optics are Whelen’s innovative and efficient solution to distorted optical shape and fringe lighting. Whelen’s unique Helios Optics use the same amount of power as traditional polycarbonate optics, but with a greater intensity and better results. Silicone provides a higher transmission of light energy and optical power, providing you with the best outcome: less distortion and a 3x brighter light output, all while better directing light where it is needed most.

Pioneer Summit™ Series: Designed to deliver maximum light intensity, the low-profile Pioneer Summit Series is available in multiple spot, flood, and scene optic combinations. Whelen’s all-new patent-pending Helios™ Optics increase clarity with 100% silicone internal optics. The Pioneer Summit Series features optional integrated warning and ICC marker lights for optimal illumination and visibility.

Inner Edge® FST™ and RST™ Series: The newly designed, low-profile Inner Edge FST and RST Series better utilizes vehicle contours, providing higher visibility and a custom fit. Whelen’s all-new patent-pending Helios™ Optic silicone technology increases clarity and has the power to punch through tints. The Inner Edge FST and RST Series is available with SOLO™, DUO™, or TRIO™ technology.

Pioneer™ Series: With its structural design and innovative optic technology, the Pioneer Series has been re-engineered with a more efficient light engine to put more light wherever it’s needed. Whelen’s all-new patent-pending Helios™ Optic increases clarity with 100% silicone internal optics. Available in single and dual models with flood or spot/flood combination optics, the newly designed Pioneer Series builds on the Pioneer family’s reputation for versatility and functionality.

SurfaceMax™ Series: Whelen’s SurfaceMax Series features the versatility and performance of the Hundred Series, with a full-fill optic and all-new patented mounting technology, providing easy installation and a clean look. The SurfaceMax Series mounts to a variety of applications and is available in Warning, Brake, Brake/Tail, and Turn Arrow models.

Pioneer LiFe™ LF35: Introducing the Pioneer LiFe LF35, a revolutionary battery-powered light combining an all-new Pioneer SlimLine™ flood optic with the portability and flexibility of a grab and go light. The first of its kind; the LiFe LF35 is just 7.5 pounds. It’s Intelligent Inductive Charger™ provides easy, wireless charging, and the built-in battery is lightweight and thermally protected.

Avenger® II Series: With their compact and inconspicuous design, Whelen’s Avenger II dash lights are barely visible until powered on and are simple to transfer from vehicle to vehicle. Combination Linear/TIR optics provide high-intensity warning and illumination, and a smaller profile maximizes space for optimal versatility. The Avenger II is available with SOLO, DUO, and TRIO technology.

Hi-Way™ Riser Lightbar Series: Designed for optimal visibility, the Hi-Way Riser Series utilizes a robust electronic actuator to raise the lightbar arms from a horizontal to a vertical position above the vehicle, providing highly effective warning at greater distances.

Visit FDIC Booth #712 or go to for more information.

About Whelen Engineering
Whelen designs and manufactures reliable and powerful warning lights, white illumination lighting, sirens, controllers, and high-powered warning systems for Automotive, Aviation, and Mass Notification industries worldwide. Every part of every Whelen product is proudly designed and manufactured in America and is tested on-site to meet the toughest industry certifications. On the road, in the air, and around the world, Whelen is trusted to be seen, trusted to be heard, trusted to perform.