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New CoBRA® Version 4.2 Sets New Standards for CBRNE Decision Support Software

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Defense Group Inc. released a new, high-performance version of CoBRA® software, the leading decision-support resource for civilian and military first responders who must accurately identify and swiftly respond to chemical, biological, radiological and explosive threats. CoBRA 4.2 sets new standards in speed and functionality while giving users access to the most comprehensive data available. CoBRA is deployed by more than 2,500 first responder and emergency management agencies at the federal, state and local levels, and has been acquired by the United States Army for use in Iraq. CoBRA software is designated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a qualified anti-terrorism technology.

Version 4.2 expands CoBRA’s already robust array of databases, adding new resources on chemical, nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.

“CoBRA v4.2 has many enhanced resources across the CBRNE spectrum” said Chris Boehm, group vice president of CoBRA. “For example, CoBRA now includes a radiological exposure tool that provides critical exposure values and time limits based on current military, DHS, and OSHA doctrine, which will allow responders to instantly plan operations in a contaminated environment without exposing themselves to undue risk.”

The new version includes a number of customizable features; GPS integration; access to the U.S. Coast Guard’s CHRIS chemical database; an improved radiological exposure calculator; and a tool for converting between various units of measure.

Boehm emphasizes several new features to strengthen communications in emergency situations. “Version 4.2 is Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standards compliant to ensure unified communications between responders on the scene, and it integrates with the DHS-FEMA OPEN system for standards-compliant communication across emergency management systems.”

CoBRA 4.2 is a comprehensive software system, unmatched in the marketplace, with applicability across multiple phases of response – including planning, training, exercise and response – and across first responder missions – including fire, hazmat, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and bomb response.

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Since 1987 DGI has assisted federal, state, and local government agencies in their response to CBRNE incidents. DGI’s CoBRA® solutions provide first responders with tools needed for efficient coordinated response. For more information on DGI, visit their website at or contact Neil Cohen toll free at 877-233-5789 ext 141, or