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Firefighter gear I hope goes on sale for Amazon Prime Day

From extra light to hose positioning help, these tools give us a leg up on the scene


Editor’s note: Amazon Prime Day is an annual event offering deep discounts, deals and doorbusters on a variety of products, from clothing to electronics to appliances to outdoor gear and more. This year, Amazon Prime Day deals will be live from July 16-17, though some deals are already live here.

For first responders, Amazon Prime Day is a great time to take stock of your professional needs and look for deals to upgrade your tools, uniforms, personal fitness gadgets and other needs. If you’re unsure how Amazon Prime Days work, check out these these frequently asked questions to get started.

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Most of us in fire and EMS work in less-than-ideal conditions. The good news is that there are some great products that can give us the edge to perform a little better and be a little more comfortable no matter the call type. Maybe it’s an extra light for some better vision at night or a tool that can help stabilize a hoseline so you can work longer without having to tap out. So, in addition to your department-issued PPE, here are some extra tools that can make your life easier while you are on shift – tools I hope go on sale for Amazon Prime Day, July 16-17.

Quicklite X Tactical Hands-Free Flashlight

This QuikLite X light can help you light up the night while keeping your hands free. It can clip to a uniform shirt or radio strap, or will stick to any metal surface with magnets. It has both red and white LED lights, the intensity can be adjusted, and the head pivots to put the light right where you need it most. This light can help you take patient information notes, illuminate a walkway for you and a patient on the way to the ambulance, or help make you more visible to other responders. Plus, the light is rechargeable, so you never have to worry about batteries.

The Snagger Tool from Motis

This tool will help you position hose and counter nozzle reaction – and it’s a spanner wrench too! The lightweight and compact design can help you reduce what you need to carry while still giving you a tool to perform important tasks. If you are the mule backing up a nozzleman, this device can help you grip the hose while allowing you to get a bite on larger lines like 2½-inch hoselines to move them after they are charged. Tempered glass windows can also be broken with the tungsten carbide tip.

Homeland Six Radio Pouch

This radio pouch will help you keep your radio handy while also reducing your exposure to fireground chemicals. The pouch and strap are extractor washable, allowing you to decon after a structure fire. A radio strap will help keep your radio secure and reduce the chances of it falling out of a pocket. Wearing the strap under your turnouts is also a great way to protect the cord to your shoulder mic, reducing the chances it will become damaged if you find yourself in a bad place on the fireground.

Small Door & Sprinkler Wedges

A set of small rubber wedges like this set can help ensure doors stay open on the fireground while searching or keep entry doors open for other responders on EMS calls to a secured building. A set of two can be placed together to seal up a sprinkler head that is activated from a fire or other damage to limit water damage while the sprinkler system drains.

Leatherman Raptor Rescue Tool

Unlike traditional EMS scissors, the Raptor can cut through patient clothing and so much more. This tool folds up and can be carried in a compact belt holster. The Raptor also has an integrated strap cutter, ring cutter, oxygen tank wrench, and glass breaker. The blades are extremely sharp as well, much better than many cheaper models of shears.

Shove Knife Lock Tool

A shove knife can quickly open outward swinging doors without damaging the door or lock, helping you gain entry on EMS calls or fire scenes. The tool is lightweight and can easily fit in a turnout pocket or radio pouch.
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Andrew Beck is a firefighter/EMT and shift training officer with the Mandan City (N.D.) Fire Department. Beck is a live burn instructor and teaches thermal imaging and fire dynamics across N.D. He is also the Mountain Operations manager at Huff Hills Ski Area, where he leads the outside operations teams. Beck has a background in crew resource management and has completed research on how people and organizations operate in stressful environments. Beck was previously a staff member for the Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System.