Keeler Upgrade Approved by Mich.

Keeler Township Fire and Rescue

Keeler Township Fire and Rescue was recently approved to upgrade their emergency medical services from Medical First Responder to Emergency Medical Technician Level B. This upgrade allows the Keeler Rescue Medical Team to perform additional skills such as advanced airway interventions and administer life saving drugs.

To accomplish the goal of upgrading its services, the department applied for Assistance to Fire Fighters grant with FEMA in the spring of 2008. The department was awarded the grant in fall of 2008. The Rescue Team Members attended the 196 hour EMT-B class and were certified by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. This training included 32 hours of hands on training with transporting ambulance services and local hospitals in the area.

We were proud to be the 1st Medical First Responder agency under Cass County Medical Control Authority and we are proud to be the 1st Non-Transporting Basic Life Support agency under Cass County Medical Control Authority.

Keeler Township Fire and Rescue is a non-transporting emergency medical service that responds from the Keeler Fire Station to all requests for emergency medical assistance in Keeler Township and surrounding areas. KTFR is a free service provided by the township to provide immediate life saving interventions until a transporting ambulance service can arrive. Keeler Township created the rescue team in 2005 and its members respond to more than 150 calls for assistance per year.

If you would like more information or have further questions, please call 269-621-4427 or visit the department website at

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