Simplest and Most Cost Effective Cric Kits Available

“Simplest and most cost effective cric kits available”
Bianca Bussereth, Marketing Manager
(For promotion and advertisement)

Port Saint Lucie, FL (September 2015) -- The Quick Fix Emergency Cric Kits are designed to be just that – a rapid, simple Emergency Airway Introducer for the “can’t intubate / can’t ventilate” scenario.

No fiddling with unfamiliar wires or dilators in the emergency setting…
Use a familiar scalpel forceps, and trach tube or large needle and tube adapter to rapidly
perform a simple, life-saving cricothyrotomy in seconds, at a price everyone can live with!

Quick Fix Cric Kits will be featured at EMS Expo in Las Vegas. Check out their use in the
Emergency Airway Pre-Conference Program in September 17th 8am – 5pm.

Or you can visit us at booth #222.

Pediatric - $11.95

Adult - $35.95

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