HI-FOG Water Mist Fire Protection Gains New Listing for UL OH1 Applications

Flexible installation, limited water consumption and new North American approvals simplify and expand fire protection options

ASHLAND, Mass. – Marioff Corporation, the leading developer of water mist fire protection technology and supplier of system solutions worldwide, announced that HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection has received Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listing for use in Ordinary Hazard Group 1 (OH1) applications. The UL listing, combined with the existing Factory Mutual (FM) Light Hazard (LH) system approval, makes HI-FOG the only water mist system approved by both organizations to protect commercial buildings, such as data centers, museums, offices, hospitals, high rise buildings, and hotels. Marioff is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

The HI-FOG system uses high pressure to force pure, potable water through specially designed and patented sprinklers. The result is a mist of fine droplets with an increased surface area that absorbs heat efficiently through vaporization. The system controls and suppresses the fire by removing two of the main elements the fire needs to survive – heat and oxygen (reduced locally near the fire). The mist also rapidly cools the surrounding area, facilitating a safer escape for occupants.

Compared to traditional sprinklers, HI-FOG systems are easy to customize, and feature small, bendable stainless steel tubes that are more adaptable than those used in traditional sprinkler systems; this makes the installation easier, particularly in retrofits. HI-FOG is an environmentally sustainable solution requiring up to 90 percent less water than traditional sprinklers. Less water means less damage to buildings, property, equipment, and other items of high value. Cleanup is faster and easier than with traditional sprinklers, which minimizes costly business interruptions and allows organizations to recover more quickly.

The HI-FOG system can draw water from small, on-site water tanks and is an important fire protection solution in areas where water is expensive, in short supply or not readily available. HI-FOG also eliminates the need and cost of extending water lines or upgrading systems where water pressure is low.

“HI-FOG is a proven technology that has been successfully fighting fires for more than 20 years,” said Lance Harry, General Manager, Marioff – North America. “Receiving UL OH1 listing means Marioff is now able to offer commercial building owners a complete system to protect the entire property with environmentally sustainable water mist technology.”
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About Marioff and HI-FOG
Marioff is the leading developer of water mist fire protection technology and supplies system solutions worldwide. The company designs and manufactures all key components of the water mist fire protection system under the name HI-FOG. The HI-FOG water mist fire protection system is a modern, highly effective solution suitable for most types of fires, on land and at sea. It safely controls and suppresses fire by discharging a fine water mist at high velocity. It uses up to 90 percent less water than conventional sprinkler systems. Less water means less water damage, and less clean-up time, significantly reducing operational downtime.

Marioff is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., which provides high technology products and services to the building and aerospace industries worldwide. More information about Marioff can be found on its website at

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