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TetraKO Next Generation Firefighting Gel Helps Save Local Community Church

Remarkable defensive attack quickly extinguishes fire before supply lines are established.

Minneapolis, Minn. – EarthClean Corporation, a Minnesota-based startup company, announced today that its TetraKO next generation Class A firefighting gel was used by the Spring Lake Park–Blaine–Mounds View (SBM) Fire Department to extinguish a fire at a local community church. The church building and much of its contents were saved, with minimal water damage, and the fire was controlled in 15 minutes.

The December 28 fire, which is still under investigation, presented a unique scenario; Nyle Zikmund, SBM Fire Chief and Chair of the EarthClean Fire Operations Advisory Board was on hand with 30 other firefighters to witness the successful knockdown and containment of the blaze. The only fire attack came from TetraKO next generation firefighting gel.

While SBM firefighters working from an aerial apparatus to establish a defensive attack position on the fire that had already extended through the building’s roof, and before supply lines had been established, others applied TetraKO using a single 1 ¾-inch pre-connected attack line from a pumper vehicle. Because heavy snow cover limited access to the corner of the building where the fire was burning, firefighters were required to apply TetraKO from near the opposite end of the building.

“After initially hitting the fire and hot spots with TetraKO, I advised division command to discontinue application and allow TetraKO’s steam conversion to occur,” said Zikmund. “Almost immediately, the steam cloud increased dramatically in size, and remained for an extended period of time. Crews continued to monitor and listen with no further evidence of fire.”

Unlike first generation gels, traditional Class A foam or compressed air foam (CAF), TetraKO is an environmentally friendly, patented Class A water additive that transforms ordinary water into an adhering liquid that can be pumped through standard fire equipment. The product has proven to be far superior because its proprietary dual thickening agent allows it to adhere and stay where applied. When heated by fire, TetraKO becomes even thicker and releases a dense steam, dramatically aiding in fire suppression. TetraKO uses no super absorbent polymers.

The following day Zikmund and four other chiefs – with 112 years of collective experience – conducted an inspection of the site. Said SBM District Fire Chief Doug Nelson, “We were amazed that this building did not burn to the ground!”

TetraKO is third party certified, using EPA and internationally recognized Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) standards for biodegradability and toxicity.

About EarthClean Corporation

EarthClean Corporation is a Minnesota-based start-up company whose mission is to develop and introduce environmentally friendly and biodegradable technologies that help firefighters attack, suppress and contain fires. A team of engineers, scientists and firefighters developed the company’s first product, TetraKO next generation Class A firefighting gel. Visit for more information and to see the product in action.