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VentMaster saws designed to provide extrication solution

Gas powered rescue saws are offered by Tempest Technology


The VentMaster Cutoff Saw offers guard sizes from 12-16 inches with a 5-7.8 horsepower Husqvarna engine.

By Brian Ward
FireRescue1 Contributor

Ventilation and forcible entry are two of the most important activities that occur on the fireground. Knowing the proper techniques and which tools to use comprise only part of accomplishing these tasks. Having dependable and properly functioning equipment is just as vital.

Having the proper fire rescue saws is crucial. There are two types of gas-powered fire rescue saws offered by Tempest Technology. They are the VentMaster Fire Rescue Saw and the VentMaster Cutoff Saw.

The VentMaster Fire Rescue Saw is offered with several available options. The saw comes with a 4.9-5.7 horsepower Husqvarna engine and weighs between 21-24 pounds.

The bar depths range from 16-20 inches and provide a tool-less depth gauge. The depth gauge will allow you to control the cutting depth, protect the operator and safely speed cut using this accessory.

The VentMaster also offers the standard chain brake, decompression valve, and splash guard deflector. An angled full wrap handle for ease of handling and a side mounted chain adjustment for easy adjustment are provided. Also included is the sealed and protected carburetor/air filter compartment to protect filter clogging. This also prevents the air filter from becoming lost or crushed.

The VentMaster Cutoff Saw offers guard sizes from 12-16 inches with a 5-7.8 horsepower Husqvarna engine. The saw weighs between 21.6 pounds for the 375K model to 29.9 pounds for the 3120K model. The Cutoff Saw offers a D-Ring starter handle, stabilizing roller assembly, and a built in automatic filter compensation. A Wet Kit for concrete cutting is also provided.

The VentMaster Diamond Blade is capable of handling multiple tasks and is able to cut through multiple materials. These materials include concrete – precast, reinforced, wet/dry cuts; black – concrete and stone; steel – doors, locks and auto bodies; brick – hard, medium and soft; and iron – pipes and security bars. There are several other options available including the VentMaster Multi Cut and Abrasive Blades, vehicle-mounted saw bracket and diamond plate or steel saw box kits for storage.

Tempest Technology has two saw packages available for the Vent Master Cutoff Saw:

The first is the full option package which includes a VentMaster Diamond Blade, D-Ring starter handle and stabilizing roller assembly, with or without the depth gauge.

The second is the basic saw package which simply includes the saw.

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Brian Ward is a firefighter/acting officer with Gwinnett County (GA) Fire Department. He is a past training officer and chairman of the Metro Atlanta Training Officers. He is a State of Georgia Advocate for Everyone Goes Home and the Membership Task Force Co-Chair for ISFSI. Brian was recently awarded the National Seal of Excellence from the NFFF/EGH. He has an associate’s degree in fire science and is completing his bachelor’s degree with the University of Cincinnati. He is the founder of and Georgia Smoke Diver #741.

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