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BULLETBLADE® from Cutters Edge

Thousands of Fire Departments have been using the BULLET® Chain on Fire Rescue Chainsaws for over 25 years, and now Cutters Edge has developed a method to attach a BULLET® Chain to a rotary saw circular blade. The rotary saw turns the blade up to 3 times faster than a chainsaw, significantly increasing the performance and the range of materials it can cut.

The new carbide-tipped BULLETBLADE® will cut any material that any other carbide-tipped blade can cut …and more! But, what really sets the BULLETBLADE® apart is that it can be sharpened and repaired! Individual cutters, or even the entire chain, can be replaced when carbides are broken, so you don’t need to buy a new blade!

The BULLETBLADE® is capable of cutting most building materials including high-rise, hurricane and bulletproof glass. The BULLETBLADE® is an effective tool for Ventilation, Forcible Entry, RIT, Search & Rescue, Extrication, Air Crash Rescue and More.

• Cutters Move 3 Times Faster Than A Chainsaw
• Low Vibration and Smooth Cutting
• Excellent Control and “Feel” For Material Being Cut
• Minimal Spark Generation
• Always maintains Original Size and Shape
• The BULLETBLADE® can Be Sharpened, Cutters can be Replaced or Repaired and The Blade Core Can Be Used Repeatedly For A True Cost Savings.
• Replacement Bullet® Chain, Chain Repair Parts, Sharpening And Repair Tools Are Available For Departments With Multiple Saws, And In-Field Repair At Extended Incidents Such As Major Catastrophes And Other USAR/FEMA Type Events.

Application: For Gasoline Powered Hand-Held Rotary Rescue Saws. Recommended for use on saws 5 hp (3.7kW) and above.

*Available in 12”, 14” and 16” Sizes with Arbor Size to fit all other brands.