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Holmatro Introduces Pumps with ECO Whisper Mode

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Holmatro introduces a new function minimizing noise and fuel consumption on three pump models in their Spider range: the ECO whisper mode.

When operating a hydraulic rescue tool connected to one of these pumps, the engine speed automatically increases to maximum to ensure optimal equipment performance. When you finish operating the tool, the engine reverts to ECO whisper mode which keeps the pump running at a low idle speed. This not only reduces fuel consumption which extends operation time, the noise level also goes down. A quieter pump is less stressful for victims and improves communication at the rescue scene. And because there’s no need to switch off the pump in between operations, it’s readily available for use again.

How it works
The ECO whisper mode works in combination with CORE hoses up to a length of 15 m / 50 ft. With the equipment connected and the pump running, you simply press the ECO button on the pump to activate and optimize this function for the rescue set you are working with.

Pump Models
The following Holmatro Spider range petrol pumps are equipped with the new ECO whisper mode: SR 10 PC 1 E for single tool operation and SR 20 PC 2 E & SR 40 PC 2 E for simultaneous operation of two tools. Conversion sets to retrofit existing equivalent pumps with the ECO whisper mode are also available.

About Holmatro Incorporated
Holmatro hydraulic equipment and systems are used for rescue, industrial and special tactics operations around the world. These types of applications demand reliable tools under all circumstances. To make sure that Holmatro users can fulfil their specialized tasks, we strive to be the best-in-class industry market leader by using game changing technology.