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MULTI-CUT Fire Rescue Saw, from Cutters Edge


Cutters Edge MULTI-CUT Fire Rescue Saws are engineered and built specifically for the Fire Rescue Service to deliver reliable high performance cutting in the extreme conditions of the fire rescue environment. All engines meet current Air Quality, CE and ANSI Standards.

The MULTI-CUT fire rescue saw utilizes Dual Air Intakes that split the airflow into one Fresh-Air Stream and one Clean-Air Stream. The Fresh-Air Stream forms a barrier that delays the Clean-Air Stream (Fuel/Air Mixture) from entering the combustion chamber while also assisting in exhausting the burned gases from the combustion chamber. Then the Clean-Air Stream (Fuel/Air Mixture) flushes into the combustion chamber; resulting in more power, less emissions and better fuel economy compared to conventional 2-stroke engines.

The large external air filter integrated with a unique calibrated velocity stack creates a turbo charging effect that further increases power, torque and chain speed, extending the durability of the carbide-tipped Bullet® Chain and allowing the engine to run in higher ambient temperatures.

Notable Features include:

  • Carbide-Tipped BULLET CHAIN®: the first and only chain engineered from the ground up specifically for fire department ventilation, forcible entry and rescue cutting
  • Side Access Chain Tension Adjustment
  • Compression Release
  • “D” Starter Handle For Large Fire Gloves
  • External Four-Stage Air Filter That Allows the Saw to Run In Hot Smokey Conditions
  • Full-Wrap Handle
  • High Strength Steel Alloy Guide Bar With Integrated Sprocket Nose *Available in 12, 16, 20, and 24-inch lengths
  • Momentary Contact ON/OFF Switch
  • Reflective Labels
  • Scrench Tool & Holder
  • Tool-less Guard/Depth® Gauge: Engineered for safety, allows the operator to set and control the depth of cut so no structural supports are cut. The Tool-Less design can be removed and installed in seconds without tools, even with gloves on.
  • Tool-Less Carburetor Compartment Entry
  • Top Ported Muffler: Combined with a uniquely shaped deflector plate and Hand Guard to deflect smoke and fire away from the saw and operator when making vent cuts.
  • Two-Mass Anti-Vibration System

About Cutters Edge

Cutters Edge was founded after it became apparent that the improved chain was only part of the solution and that a dedicated Fire Rescue Saw was needed to withstand the demands of the harsh, fireground environment. In 1987 Cutters Edge introduced the MULTI-CUT Fire Rescue Saw, the first chainsaw engineered specifically for the fire service, with features like Ram-Air Induction, One-Step Starting and a Two-Stage External Air Filter. In 1992 Cutters Edge introduced the D8 Guard/Depth Gauge, the first safety device that protected the operator from the chain and allowed the depth of cut to be set so that no structural members were cut.