New Ultra-lightweight, Compact Combi Tools: The 5111/5117 Series

Lower weight, smaller size, high performance: These are the main characteristics of our new combi tools for rapid intervention in vehicle rescue or use during USAR and other emergency response operations. You can choose between hand-, pump- and battery operated tools, either fitted with short arms or long arms.

The short armed 5111 models have an extremely high spreading force and the long armed 5117 models offer a very high spreading distance. A high cutting force compared to tool size and weight applies to both models. This allows you  to pick the most suitable combi tool for the job, depending on the nature of your operation.

Additional features
All 5111 and 5117 hand-, pump- and battery-operated combi tools are standard supplied with an i-Bolt. This flat central bolt construction for better access in narrow spaces squeezes the blades together directly, which results in less blade separation and a better cutting performance. In addition, all models are available with LED lights integrated in the carrying handle. The hand- and pump-operated models can also be supplied with a 360° rotatable, flat foldable carrying handle, for use of the tool in almost any position and extra compact storage in a rescue vehicle.

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About the battery tools
The new battery-operated combi tools in this series, GCT 5111 and GCT 5117, are part of the Holmatro Greenline range. Being emission-free (no fumes from a pump!) they are healthier for rescuers and victims and ideal for use in confined and/or underground spaces like tunnels, buses, trains and collapsed buildings. Their extremely low noise level is less stressful for victims and makes communication on the rescue scene easier. When switched on but not used, the tools produce no sound at all.

The GCT 5111 and GCT 5117 are suitable for air transportation and can be used in all types of weather, from rain to freezing cold. Even at high altitudes they do not lose any performance. The tools are powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery for maximum operation time. This type of battery has a low self-discharge rate and no memory effect.  A LED-indicator continuously shows the battery capacity. When the equipment is switched off, you can press a button on the battery to check its state of charge level. An easy slide-on / slide-off system on top of the tools enables you to change the battery with one hand, within seconds – even in confined spaces.

When it comes to ergonomics, we have made sure that the new battery-operated combi tools are well-balanced, with the control handle always within reach. Even when you need to rotate the equipment, the hand that operates it can stay in the same position.

About Holmatro Incorporated
Holmatro hydraulic equipment and systems are used for rescue, industrial and special tactics operations around the world. These types of applications demand reliable tools under all circumstances. To make sure that Holmatro users can fulfil their specialized tasks, we strive to be the best-in-class industry market leader by using game changing technology.

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