FR1 survey: Foam systems

In early February 2013, FireRescue1 conducted a survey on foam system use and trends in the industry. We have posted the results to the survey below.


94% of departments have foam suppression equipment

48% of those polled use it primarily on auto fires

60% of those polled said they will specify a fire foam system on the next apparatus their departement buys

See the rest of the survey results below:

Question 1: Does your department have foam capabilities?

SUMMARY: 94% of respondents do have foam systems.

Question 2: If you answered yes to question #1, what type of foam systems do you use?

Sample answers include:

"On-board Class A on recent engine purchase 3 In-line eductors for Class A & B"

"1 cats unit 2 units with inductors"

"Foam Pro 2001, Feecon foam midgit, and TFT inline eductor."

"CAF, and on board prepiped A and B foam"

"stock pile of buckets and also foam system on one engine"

"CAFS. Pierce, and Foampro"

"pro pack used for mop ups and car fires, engine is capable of mixing on truck from resevoire"

"6 percent"

"Hale, built into the truck"

"30 gal tank intergrated on engine."

Question 3: How often do you use foam?

SUMMARY: 39.4% of respondents use foam hardly ever, and 26.8% of respondents use it about 25% of the time.

Question 4: Do you use foam on:

SUMMARY: 48% of respondents use foam on auto fires, and 33.3% use it on all fires.

Question 5: What percentage of your personnel are trained to competency on different foam application techniques?

SUMMARY: Nearly 30% of respondents said that most (75 - 100%) of personnel are trained in foam application techniques.

Question 6: Does water supply availability influence your department's decision on when to use foam?

SUMMARY: Over 62% said that water supply does not influence their decision on when to use foam.

Question 7: Is foam effective on well-involved residential structure fires?

SUMMARY: Almost 60% said yes, foam is effective on well-involved residential structure fires.

Question 8:  Does the cost of foam agent influence if or when you use foam?

SUMMARY: Over 46% of respondents said that cost does not influence if or when they use foam.


Question 9:  Does the cost of foam delivery systems influence if you use foam?

SUMMARY: Over 66% of respondents said that cost of the foam delivery system does not influence if or when they use foam.

Question 10:  Does added clean up reduce how often your department uses foam?

SUMMARY: Over 82% of respondents said added clean up does not reduce how often their department uses foam.


Question 11:  Will your department specify a foam system on the next apparatus it buys?

SUMMARY: Over 60% of respondents said yes, they would specify a foam system on its next apparatus.

For even more information and resources on Foam Systems, visit the FireRescue1 Fire Foam Systems product section.

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