FireAde 2000 Meets & Exceeds All Underwriters Laboratories Performance Requirements


FAYETTEVILLE, GA - FireAde 2000 has been examined and found to comply with the applicable requirements as described and the NFPA Standard for Wetting Agents, NFPA 18, and the applicable container requirements specified in the Standard for Foam Equipment and Liquid Concentrates, UL 162, in effect as of the date of this Report. August 30, 2002

Tested and Approved to NFPA 18.

• We are UL and ULC approved to NFPA 18 on the following tests:
• Solubility
• Surface Tension
• Separation Temperature
• Separation on Standing
• Action after Freezing
• PH
• Viscosity
• Infrared Analysis
• Action on Fire Hose
• Class B Fire
• Extinguishment
• Class A Fire Test - Cotton
• Class A Fire Test - Insulating Board
• Class A Fire Tests – Crib and Accelerated Storage and Tensile Strength


FireAde 2000 Is Listed Under Both UL and ULC (Canada) For Listing and Follow Up Service From Underwriters Laboratories. Fire Service Plus, Inc. Is Authorized To Use The Laboratories Markings On Such Products Which Comply With The Follow-Up Service Procedures.

Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) is part of one of the world's leading standards development, certification and registration organizations.

Since 1920, ULC has held the undisputed reputation as a leader in Canada for:

• Product safety
• Certification
• Testing
• Management registration
• Standards development

It’s very important to remember UL & ULC is a Not-For-Profit organization.

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