FireAde AFFF Foam Receives The Highest Environmental Classification After An 8 Month TUV/WGK Environmental Study Conducted In Germany

FAYETTEVILLE, GA - All testing on FireAde AFFF was performed in compliance with the Swiss Ordinance relating to Good Laboratory Practice, adopted February 2, 2000 (RS 813.016.5). This Ordinance is based on the OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice as revised in 1997 and adopted November 26, 1997 by decision of the OECD Council (C97)186/Final).

These principals are regulated and specified by regulatory authorities throughout the European Community, the United States Of America (EPA and FDA), and Japan (MHLW, MAFF and METI).

In order for FireAde AFFF to receive all certifications (listed below) the study plan and the full Environmental report had to undergo an audit by the Quality Assurance Unit. The dates of the QAU Inspections started on May 16, 2002 with the Study Plan, on May 17, 2002 the Process Based, and July 1, 2002 Actual Report. Quality Assurance was signed off by S. Van Dongen July 5, 2002. QAU RCC Study Number: 843675.

FireAde AFFF Receives the WGK 1 Classification

The WGK 1 Classification is the highest Environmental Classification that any chemical can receive. The Swiss Accreditation Service and Swiss Federal Office of Metrology also tested FireAde AFFF in compliance with the European Standard EN 45001 under ACCREDITATION number STS 085.

FireAde AFFF was also certified under the GLP Compliance through the Swiss GLP Monitoring Authorities, which inspected the RCC Ltd, Switzerland testing facility by the Federal Office of Public Health, the Swiss Agency for the Environmental, Forests and Landscape also the Intercantonal Office for the Control of Medicines with respect to the compliance with the Swiss Legislation on Good Laboratory Practice. The inspection found that the testing facility was operating in compliance with the Swiss Ordinance relating to Good Laboratory Practice (RS 813.016.5) at the time they were inspected.
Test consisted of Toxicology, Analytical and Clinical Chemistry, Environmental Toxicity on Aquatic and Terrestrial Organisms, Behavior In Water, Soil, Air, Bioaccumulation, Physical-Chemical Testing, Residue Studies, Microbiology, Animal Metabolism, Acute Immobilization of Daphnia Magna, Determination of Acute Fish Toxicity OECD 203, and Other Critical Environmental Testing Was Established For FireAde AFFF Foam.

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