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The fire protection market demand for EVs will increase 13-fold by 2033, finds IdTechEx research

BOSTON — Research by the EV team at IDTechEx has found that the rapidly growing EV market, across segments beyond just cars, presents great and varied opportunities for material suppliers to enable safer battery packs. The fire protection market demand for EVs will increase 13-fold by 2033.

Dr James Edmondson, Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx and lead author of the fire protection materials for electric vehicle batteries research report, comments: “The occurrence of fires in electric vehicles (EVs) is less common than their combustion engine counterparts, in total number but also in terms of the rate per miles traveled. However infrequent, it is extremely important to protect the vehicle’s occupants and prolong the time for a fire to exit the battery pack for as long as possible.”

The EV market has yet to converge on a single battery design at any level, and similarly, the thermal management strategy varies between manufacturers. This variety of battery design philosophies presents opportunities for many fire protection materials and their suppliers.

An analysis of trends in battery design, safety regulations, and how these will impact fire protection materials is provided in the market report “Fire Protection Materials for Electric Vehicle Batteries 2023-2033”. Ten-year market forecasts are included by material and vehicle category.

The materials covered include ceramic blankets/sheets (and other non-wovens), mica, aerogels, coatings (intumescent and other), encapsulants, encapsulating foams, compression pads, phase change materials, and several other materials.

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